Why You Need To Contact Your Accident Attorney after Car Accident In Houston

Nobody leaves home with his/her car thinking that he will get himself involve in an accident, and that is why car accident brings a lot of random questions after the incident like who is to blame, who has to pay for the damages, and who will take responsibility for the medical bills.

That is why there is a need for a sound Houston car accident attorney to stand up for you and fight for the claim that you deserve, from the who so ever responsible for things that might have to happen during the cause. You have to contact Houston car accident attorney immediately after the incident because of some reason which will be discussed below.

Hiring a car accident attorney implies that you have a professional who has the vast knowledge of the legal procedure guiding automobile accident. With their service, you will able to know the time limit that can prevent you from claiming a lawsuit against those who are responsible for the accident. For example, many states set a limit of two years for filing a lawsuit against the person that caused the crash. Anything above this period implies you cannot file the lawsuit against the person again. This means that you will have to take responsibility for any loss that might have happened during the course after the limit period is exceeded.

Hiring an Houston car accident attorney  implies that he will be the one to do all the legal work your case might need. Your attorney has a lot of experience again when claiming for past client he will use the knowledge gain in filling claims against the insurance company. The attorney will also be the one who will gather evidence from doctors, police office, medical bills, etc.

Another important thing is that your Houston car accident attorney will do all that is necessary to advocate you. This implies that your attorney will always be the one to act on your behalf during the process of making sure you are compensated with a cogent claim.

In conclusion, I have explained the basic service Houston car accident attorney offers which range from the legal procedure they undertook, the duty to advocate their client and to make sure that the insurance company fulfills their mission. With all this reason I believe you should get yourself a car accident attorney after involving yourself in an accident.

Houston Car Accident Victims May be Without Recourse

Are You Really Covered?

Houston Car Accident Victims May be Without Recourse

Houston, like most large urban centers, boasts many large highways surrounding downtown. Theses interstates, highways and roadways all converge on the city’s center, making for a bustling corporate social hub. Texans know that this creates nothing short of a traffic nightmare during peak times and rush hour. An increase in traffic, however, is not the only downside to the operation of so many automobiles. In fact, traffic accidents occur most frequently on Houston’s state and farm to market highways. Anywhere from fender benders to multiple car pile ups, these collisions can be downright deadly.

Though the state requires drivers to have automobile insurance, many still remained uninsured; reaching as much as 25% in some counties. Those motorists that do have insurance may also face restrictive policies, which neglect to cover many eventualities. As a result, unlucky Houston drivers may find themselves baldy injured in an automobile accident, with few options for how to get through it.

The aftermath of a bad accident can consist of unpaid medical bills, unpaid time off from work, job loss, more permanent injury, or even an avoidable death. Many residents of Houston may not know their rights in these situations. Finding the right Houston Car Accident Attorney can save an accident victim from devastating hardship resulting from their accident.

A lawyer can look at all the parties involved in your accident and help find a way to pay for your pain. The lawyer can pursue action against the other motorist, his insurance company, your insurance company, manufacturers, medical providers, or others that may have culpability. Even if an accident victim believes she is as fault, only speaking to the right attorneys will get her the answers and the help she needs.

Many reports find that Houston traffic is the worst in the state, beating Dallas. As the population swells this problem is only likely to increase. Notwithstanding car insurance, having access to the right personal injury lawyer can save drivers thousands in bills, fees, and expenses. If you know someone that has been in a car accident and now suffers physical hardships and limitations as a result, contact a Houston Car Accident Attorney for help right away. Just speaking to an attorney may answer many questions, provide useful resources, and give you peace of mind.


According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), every day another 27 people die from accidents involving drinking and driving. Moreover, MADD estimates that nearly two-thirds of every person living in America will be involved in a drunken-driving incident at some point during their lives. Considering the severity of most drunken driving accidents, that is a very sobering thought (if you will pardon the pun). Every year, organizations such as MADD spend tens of millions of dollars informing people of the dangers of drinking and driving. Warning labels are even on alcoholic beverage containers (think beer cans)! Despite all of the efforts and money spent to prevent the calamities caused by drinking and driving, such accidents do still occur. If you are the victim of an intoxicated driver, you should call an experienced Houston car accident attorney.

Tipsy Driving is Drunk Driving

With all of the warnings and information about the dangers of drunken driving, why do people still do it? Putting aside people who simply ignore the dangers of driving while intoxicated, the most obvious cause of why driving while intoxicated is still such a problem is the reason that makes drunken driving is so dangerous in the first place – drinking impairs people’s ability to make good decisions. Someone who has consumed too much alcohol usually does not realize that they have had too much to drink. Many times people underestimate the amount of alcohol they have consumed. Maybe they are delusional and think that they can just “drive more carefully.”

Shame is another factor in drinking and driving – sometimes a person who has had too much to drink is ashamed to call or ask someone else to give them a ride. Regardless, they are putting themselves and other people on the road in grave danger.

As most people do not work at night and have the weekends off, it is not surprising that the majority of drunken driving incidents occur during the nighttime, and also that the frequency of drunk driving accidents is much higher on the weekends. In the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of death for those under the age of 54. Driving while drinking is one of the leading causes of car accidents and accounts for roughly one third of all car accident fatalities each year. So the duty to drink responsibly must be taken seriously.  If you or someone you love has been injured due to the intoxication of another driver, you should contact a knowledgeable Houston car accident attorney.